Mel Gibson’s Fifth Rant Is Released; Tapes May Have Been Tampered With


RadarOnline has us right where they want us. Because even though we’re listening to the fifth Mel Gibson rant, we’re almost feeling…is it possible…bored with this whole routine? We know he’s going to pant, we know he’s going to use his hoarse and scary outside voice and call names, we know he’s going to employ the f-bomb extravagantly, and we know that we’re going to feel dirty afterward. Still, we’d probably listen to at least five more of these things. And fortunately, today there’s also a “shocking twist in story that’s already been full of shocking revelations”!

Forensic audio and video experts examined the recordings for and believe someone tampered with them, editing the audio, removing parts of conversation and piecing together phrases to make the recordings sound real.

Shocking! Sort of. But no one really disputes that the tapes are of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva; it’s just that they’ve been edited. You know, to make them better. They do that all the time on reality (and totally fictionalized) TV. Hmmm.

Is this whole thing a crazy promo for Gibson’s thought-to-be-ill-fated beaver movie? Or might Mel be gunning for a stint on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew? Or, more likely, did Oksana hire someone to record tapes of her unbalanced baby daddy to extract revenge — or just in case she needed them as evidence someday?

This tape diverges from its four predecessors in that Oksana finally strikes back, telling Mel she doesn’t want him, and claiming he’s ruined her life. (He disagrees.)

But at the end of the day, maybe the most shocking thing about this whole saga is how many page views and press RadarOnline will have gotten in the end with their strategic dramatic daily drip of Mel Gibson tapes. Good on y’all.