Morning Links: Dick Cheney Gets Heart Implant; BP Admits Lobbying UK Over Prisoner Transfer With Libya


• Dick Cheney has received a heart implant. Yes, a heart implant. Kind of like what the Tin Man always wanted in the Wizard of Oz, but much, much more high-tech. Except, it can’t get wet and it runs on batteries. He’ s now recuperating after surgery. [USA Today]

• Argentina has become the first Latin American country to legalize gay marriage. [CNN]

• BP has admitted that they lobbied the British government over a prisoner transfer agreement with Libya in late 2007 that might have led to the release of the Pan-Am bomber. (They insist they weren’t involved in discussions of his “actual release.”) [MSNBC]

• A leak has been detected near the new cap on BP’s oil well. Testing that was supposed to have begun last night is again interrupted. [NPR]

• Mel Gibson continues to work doggedly at that beaver movie, which is awkward for all involved, not least, the poor beaver. [P6]

• Tony Upper East Side girl’s school Spence and the Asia Society don’t want to give back their Ponzi gifts, given “charitably” by Hassan Nemazee. The government, however, wants their $285,415 back. [NYT]

• Even though Joseph Graves beat his Broadway actress girlfriend’s Yorkie with a belt, breaking six of its ribs and blinding it, she has taken him back. The dog has been shunted off to live with her parents. [NYDN]

• The East Village’s “Man in White” has a new summer dress code. [Bowery Boogie]

• Old politicians say they’re never too old. [Politico]