MTA Spending $34 Million This Year on Employee “Overtime” (Read: Vacation)


These days, no news from the MTA is good news.Turns out the transit authority is spending $34 million this year on overtime for workers who aren’t actually working, but are on vacation, out sick, etc.

The transit workers’ union apparently negotiated this benefit originally for bus drivers, and now other employees are getting it as well. Which seems odd at a time the MTA is trying to fill a $800 million deficit.

Earlier this week, another group of transit workers and riders gathered outside of Cooper Union for a “people’s hearing” to address the issue of station booth closings. We stopped by to scope it out.

We spoke with Sabrina Greenwood, a station agent from the Bronx, who asked, “How are you still hiring upper management? It’s crazy. Most of us have to make rent. Other government workers got raises, we’re not getting anything.”

She said that, considering proposed layoffs of around 200 station agents, her job is in danger and “It’s not like you can just go find another job.”

But if you could, it would be nice to find one where you earn overtime while you’re chillaxin’ on the beach.