The Best #p4kfestpickuplines So Far


Love u Chris…

Pitchfork is having a good week. Yesterday, our pal Jon Caramanica wrote a piece in the New York Times suggesting the website had pretty much fully arrived as a “hegemon of taste,” in the words of one super-fan. This weekend, the publication will host its annual music festival out in Chicago. And in between, Twitter has come alive with the #p4kfestpickuplines hashtag, a perhaps too-real look into the grimy psyches of music critics the country over. Let’s follow along, shall we? (By the way, anything with the word “fuck” in it was disqualified, because come the fuck on.)

In case you were wondering how to pronounce the sometime Pitchfork critic Nitsuh Abebe’s last name.

We were going to disqualify the word “penis,” too, but then someone put it in a sentence with “Chris Weingarten” and all our objections went right out the window.

The chillwave god gets turned into a dirty verb.

This Girls video. Grayson Currin is obviously running away with this thing.

This is why you turn down that Forkcast job when they offer it to you.

Because at Pitchfork Fest this one probably works.

Ditto, sadly.

Have fun out there, kids!

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