The Worst Band Name In New York: Finally, We Have A Winner


So we griped about lousy NYC band names. You took to the comments section and did the same. We decided to crown one, definitive winner. But then we waffled on this point (sorry) and put it to a vote instead. You obliged. And now, at long last, we can empirically state that the worst band name in New York City is…

Yes, Ching Chong Song takes it, for what hopefully are pretty obvious reasons, capturing 35.73 percent of the vote and besting, in apparently ascending order of craptitude, Phil and the Osophers (24.78), Wakey!Wakey! (18.49), Freelance Whales (14.36), and Food Stamps (6.64). Very disappointing Freelance Whales showing, I have to say. The guy who started all this was threatening to make a trophy — a spray-painted Dandy Warhols record, if I remember correctly — but he’s since gone prancing off to Germany, so. Congratulations to everyone involved, for having survived this.