Where Am I Eating? Sapthagiri in Jersey City


The coconut uttapam at Sapthagiri (click to enlarge).

This week’s Where Am I Eating? was a bit of a toughie, requiring the answers to five questions. Mos got four questions right (the restaurant is Sapthagiri; the dish is coconut uttapam; the plate is a banana leaf; and one of the sauces is sambar). She messed up on one of the sauces, however, identifying it as yogurt.

Sara, who’d correctly identified the dish earlier, but been at a loss as to where to find it in NYC, chimed in with the correct sauce identification: Somewhat redundantly, the coconut uttapam is served with a coconut chutney.

I think it only fair to give each of them a cookbook, and I applaud them for their collaborative effort. And thanks again to everyone who took part in this challenge. Please join us next week for another installment of Where Am I Eating?

Mos and Sara, please send your snail-mail addresses to, and she will offer you a choice of cookbooks.