Where the “Skinterns” Should Work


The Summer of Ass is real! And unpaid interns are riding the heels of it. The Baltimore Sun documented a new trend this week in the Greater Washington DC area — interns in “scantily clad” clothing are running rampant in supposed “professional settings,” putting off potential clients (maybe) and distracting everyone with their “Booty shorts. Thigh-grazing dresses. Flip-flops. Ripped jeans. Cleavage-baring tops. See-through skirts. Forgotten bras…” Well, we have some career suggestions for the so-called “skinterns” worldwide looking for employers who won’t make them compromise their sense of style, even if “sense” isn’t a part of it. It’s all about finding the right fit for you.

Grassroots Organizations
The Sun reports that “When a lot of students hear they’re supposed to get “dressed up” for work…they think of their best night-on-the-town outfits.” The typical Greenpeace or HRC uniform consists of a drab tee representative of the organization paired with jeans and sneakers. Meanwhile, the barely there selection of a skintern might actually cause potential donors on the street to take a second look, and, possibly even open their wallets — just hopefully not in expectation of sexual favors. On that note…

The Porn Industry
But seriously! Don’t get the wrong idea — we’re talking interns, people. Fluffers. Behind-the-scenes kind of stuff. Because, let’s face it, an industry that’s focused on exposing genitals and the things people can do with them can’t be too forceful on covering them up behind the scenes. But if that’s too risqué for you, maybe you should try…

Media Jobs
Word has it the CEO of Facebook wears flip-flops to work — and not just any flip-flops, but those black-and-white Adidas shower shoes, which he probably also wore in his shower that morning. If you’re looking to dress like you’re primping in a locker room, this may be the industry for you. But then there’s also…

Better yet, just give up on everything and become a blogger! The possibility of working from home is one of the greatest sartorial benefits of this profession (well, sometimes). You won’t even have to change clothes. Or shower. Even after half a bowl of cereal milk has spilled on your muumuu and your big toe starts to poke through your slippers. Your cat can take care of both of those.