Breaking: Village Voice Offices Currently Being Protested Over Union-Busting Paper Manufactures


Sometimes, news happens right before your very eyes! Or even outside your building! To you! We have received word that there are “four guys” outside handing fliers out in front of the Village Voice offices. Even more, they are protesting the (for the record: unionized) Village Voice for union-busting! What gives?

Apparently, these people are not happy with the people we use to print our print product, which you can find conveniently located in bright red boxes all over New York City (if you don’t live in New York City, you can also read The Village Voice, America’s oldest alt-weekly, at The printing company we apparently use that these people are mad at is called AFL WEB PRINTING, which is very funny on at least three different levels. They are:

  1. 1. AFL-CIO: also the name of “America’s Labor Movement.”
  2. 2. WEB PRINTING: Ha, because you can’t actually “print” things on the “web” which I am writing on right now.
  3. 3. WEB PRINTING LOL PT. 2: The “web” is supposedly putting the “print” out of business. Teehee.

Here’s the handout they were passing around:

And for the record, The Village Voice has a strong history with unions, all of which I’m vaguely familiar with but none of which I’m entirely well-versed in [suffice to say, FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a union member and I work for The Village Voice, and also, while I empathize with anyone who has lost their job, I am laughing at the universe’s bizarre sense of irony right now, because how can you not?] More as we get it, which means I’m sending Intern Rosie down there to talk to these guys and hiding up here until she gets back.