Brooklyn Man Arrested for Fighting Tree-Demons Actually Rather Endearing, Minus the Tree Abuse


Yesterday, Foster told us of a truly awful incident in Brooklyn in which a woman body-slammed her dog on the street in Williamsburg. Then we have Steve Maynard, a 35-year-old man who, according to the New York Post, has been tearing limbs off trees across Brooklyn in a several-week-long arboreal rampage. The Post‘s gratuitous Tree Grows in Brooklyn reference: “If a tree grows in Brooklyn, don’t show it to this guy.”

Maynard has been busted (he caused $200,000 in damage to trees, which we wonder how you calculate and repair), but the remarkable thing about him is not that he’s crazy (he is), but that he’s actually rather sweet.

Crazy part:

He told cops that he was working for a private eye searching for the body of a girl named “Amy,” who he believed had been killed by demons in the trees, officials said.

Sweet part:

After Maynard was arrested, he was observed by cops casting and reeling in an imaginary fishing rod.

“He was cooperative, and he’s a peaceful guy,” said his lawyer, Sara Feinberg. “Jail would not do him any good.”

See what we mean? As Philip Silva, a 28-year-old resident and volunteer with the Prospect Heights Forestry Community Initiative, told the Times, “No one’s angry at Steve. But we need him to get better for our trees to get better.” Maynard is now being held for a psychological evaluation.