Bull Moose Saloon Responds to Anti-Gay Allegations


You read here that the HK boite the Bull Moose Saloon decided to court the gay market, but then fired the people who they hired to bring in that crowd.

As you read here, the departed promoter says homophobia was at the root of it.

Well, I’ve finally gotten a response from the office of the bar’s owner, Dave Sheeran.

Here we go:

“Firstly the contractual obligation was contingent on them not violating any laws, which they did, with the noise volume. Also the contract was contingent upon them giving Mr. Sheeran 25,000 which was not done. They only gave 10,000 down.

“Also they completely destroyed the original bar and almost caused Mr. Sheeran to be evicted from the premises based on Noise volume. We are now also being sued for trade mark infringement for the way that Mr. Levy decided to advertise the bar as Bull Moose and not ‘The Bull Moose Saloon’. This alone was enough to terminate the contract.

“Mr. Sheeran never had the alleged conversation with Mr. Levy where supposedly said he ‘The boy in our ad campaign looked like shit’ and he doesn’t want a ‘fag’ near his logo at the front of his bar. The conversation was focused on Mr. Levy’s reluctance to follow the necessary rules and regulations of bar operation. He was allowed to take everything they wanted out of the bar with no trouble and they even had the new awning removed in the middle of the night without notice or permission.

“Mr. Sheeran is being targeted by Mr. Levy because Mr. Levy failed in fulfilling his contractual obligations and suffered a loss. We regret having to terminate Mr. Levy contract however it was necessary in order to maintain an operating business.

“The contractual termination had nothing to do with anyone being gay, and would not have been excepted in the first place if the owner Mr. Sheeran did in fact have a problem with gay people as Mr. Levy alleges. Why would anyone against gays, allow them to renovate and try to make the bar an establishment for the gay community.

“It was a large risk on our part and business still has not recovered since. Mr. Sheeran continues to support the gay community despite this misunderstanding. We hope after you review our position it will become clear what is really going on here. Thank you for your time.”