Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” Is the Song of the Summer


I’m terrible at predictions.

I famously said Madonna was going nowhere (and I still say I was right, ba dum pum).

And I thought for sure that Katy Perry was a one-hit wonder, because “I Kissed a Girl” so obviously seemed like one of those novelty songs that grab you as the performer fades into an early and lucrative retirement.

But the gurl keeps cranking out the hits, even if it takes wearing Lady Gaga‘s wig to do so.

Her “California Gurls” is number one for the sixth week in a row!

It’s even keeping the esteemed Eminem/Rihanna pairing out of the top slot.

There’s just no denying that “California Gurls” is the song that will define the summer of 2010, just like “Make It With You” by Bread defined my most important summer, back in the Civil War.

Do y’all have a favorite summer song?