Morning Links: Ordaining Women as Grave as Pedophilia, Says Vatican; Earthquake Strikes D.C.


• Though the Vatican issued revisions to laws yesterday that would make it easier to discipline priests involved in sexual abuse (a good thing!), they also stated that ordaining women was as grave an offense as pedophilia, heresy, apostasy, or schism. Oh, Catholic Church. [NYT]

• A (small) earthquake with a magnitude of 3.6 hit Washington, D.C., early this morning. There were no reported injuries. [NPR]

• Still, no oil is leaking from the well in the Gulf. BP is conducting a “well integrity test” to find out whether the well is strong enough to keep holding the oil inside of it until it can be permanently sealed with cement in about a month. Fingers crossed. [NOLA]

• Governor Paterson is expected to sign a bill today that would delete portions of an NYPD database (like names and Social Security numbers) that documents “hundreds of thousands of people” who were stopped and frisked, but never arrested. Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly say this will lead to an increase in crime. [NYP]

• Apple will give a press conference today to discuss the iPhone 4 (presumably regarding those pesky antenna issues, and maybe to give instructions on proper holding techniques). [WP]

• The heat index could top 95 degrees today and Saturday. Cooling centers will be open. [NYC]

• Today is Free Bike Friday on Governor’s Island! [NewYorkology]