Pamela Anderson’s PETA Ad Banned in Canada; the New York Islanders Launch an Official Team Cupcake


A new study reveals that people who work in food service and farming may have an elevated risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Pamela Anderson’s new campaign for PETA has been banned in Montreal for being sexist. The ad has the actress in a bikini with her body parts labeled like pieces of meat.
[NY Daily News]

KFC’s Double Down may have caused a media feeding frenzy, but it appears the bunless fried chicken sandwich did not sell well, despite claims stating otherwise.

Apparently, the Open Door Gastropub, Molly’s Shebeen, Paris Café, and Bluebell Café were all designed by a woman owner Pete O’Connell met by chance on the street.
[NY Daily News]

The New York Islanders are launching an official team cupcake. The Cupcake Gourmet in Huntington designed the sweets for the team.
[Yahoo! Sports]

Take two: Romaine lettuce from Fresh Express is being recalled by both U.S. and Canadian food safety agencies because it may be contaminated with E. coli.

Zohan Hummus has launched a new a squeezable hummus, Ami’s Squeeze Z Hummus, that comes in three specialty flavors with no artificial flavoring.
[Food Business Review]

According to a new study, more than 60 percent of olive oils labeled as “extra virgin” are actually cheaper, lower-quality olive oils.
[USA Today]

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