Rick Ross’ New Teflon Don Is Streaming In Full On His MySpace


New York rap fans have a very complicated relationship with Rick Ross, due to the Southern thing, the prison-guard thing, the he-once-released-a-song-called-“Money Make Me Come” thing. During Diddy’s 92Y Tribeca talk a couple weeks back host Peter Rosenberg abruptly started praising Ross to the skies, and the seething silence was… palpable. But it’s time to reassess the guy, maybe: Conveniently, Teflon Don, his new album out this coming Tuesday, is now streaming in full. You are forgiven for jumping straight to “MC Hammer,” and you are rewarded with this: “I’m thinkin’ money/Every moment thinkin’ money/I bust a nut/Then I’m back to thinkin’ money.”