Special Things for People Without Summer Fridays (Videos!)


Last week, in honor of people without summer Fridays, we gave you “Bunnies Eating Watermelon.” And then we found out — who knew? — that July is National Watermelon Month! Buzzfeed gave us the brilliant study-in-contrast photo series “Polar Bears Eating Watermelon.” And of course, our journalistic minds wondered: What other animals eat watermelon, so adorably? Actually, a lot. Because watermelon is good. And watching animals eat it is better, especially when you’re still trapped in your little office while everyone else journeys off to fun and sun. Screw ’em, traffic sucks. (Videos after the jump!)

In this video, guinea pigs make fast work of some slices of watermelon. So vivid! So intense!

Here we have a Persian cat named Cooper eating watermelon like it’s going out of style, and even snaking watermelon from a little white dog. Bad Cooper!

And here, slow and steady, a Croatian turtle enjoys summer’s finest treat. No subtitles.