Studies in Grit: Tough-as-Nails Geese Survive Prospect Park Massacre


It seems only yesterday that 400 Canada geese were tragically euthanized in Prospect Park. We thought that the park’s goose population was done, finito, kaput. But today, just when we had given up hope, good news! As many as four survivors of the mass slaughter have been spotted near the lake recently.

The secret to their survival? Not molting! What most likely happened is that the birds were able to fly away in time. The departed geese didn’t have their flight feathers and could only walk, making them easy targets.

We wish our hardy avian friends the best of luck. One tip: Don’t reproduce too fast. Your population gets too big and, next thing you know, the feds are back on your tail. We don’t want what happened to Sticky and Co. to happen to you.

(N.B.: There will be a memorial vigil for our dearly departed geese at the gazebo in Prospect Park on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. For details, check Facebook page entitled “For the love of the geese in Prospect Park.”)