Terry Gross: Nasty Girl of NPR Burned by Mississippi, Totally Doable


The Brooklyn-bred hotness that is NPR’s Fresh Air host — The Notorious T.E.R.R.Y. G.R.O.S.S. — is also apparently Right Said Fred-level too sexy for your radio.

Via Daily Intel and Jewcy, Gross has been pulled her from the airwaves of the Mississippi NPR affiliate. The offending hotness? A fairly tame conversation with comedian Louis C.K. about how he is fat, which is why he must be wearing a T-shirt and lying on his back while having sex, both off and on TV.

What gives? Did they offend America’s Most Fatassed State? Or maybe they finally figured out what some of us have always understood: Terry Gross is a dangerously sexy fox, a “Nasty Girl,” if you will, and her (for NPR) hotness essentially makes her a public menace who must be contained. Otherwise, all ear-vulnerable Mississippians will end up like me: at the sound of Gross’s sweet, sultry somethings, a sex-crazed maniac who can’t help but sexually accost any household apparati you could theoretically sit on while you listen to Fresh Air.

Hey, T-Nasty, if you’re reading this, *makes “phone” with thumb and pinky* *waves “phone” while mouthing words “call me“*.