The Dumpster Pools Are Coming to Park Avenue!


Actual swimming pools are coming to Park Avenue! Hey, even if you don’t consider a converted Dumpster filled with water a heavenly retreat in the heat, at least this will make for some good photo ops. For the first three Saturdays in August, Mayor Bloomberg is opening three Dumpster pools on Park Avenue between 40th and 41st streets, reports the New York Times.

They’re the above-ground kind, of course, “encircled by a five-foot-wide metal deck with a nonstick rubber surface, and accompanied by several changing-room cabanas, portable showers and portable toilets.” They were outfitted for free by Macro-Sea, the company that did last year’s Dumpster Pools in Brooklyn.

This is part of the overall Summer Streets program, where you can bike car-free on Park Avenue and other streets. Janette Sadik-Khan, the city’s transportation commissioner, says, “It will almost be like a Park Avenue boardwalk.”

Crunch is donating lifeguards. Questions remain: What will Bloomberg wear for his inaugural dip (presuming he takes one)? How will bankers trying to get to work on Saturday take to the cannonballing and splashing in their front yard? And…will we actually go to Midtown for this?