The LIRR’s New “Gap Rap” Disappointing Compared to Debut Swine Flu Effort


Because rapping is by far the best way to communicate a public service message, the Long Island Railroad — which has had a number of people sustain injuries and/or die by falling into the gap between the platform and train despite signs and announcements warning them otherwise — has a new rap compliments of John Clarke, their medical director. (Clarke also wrote and performed the informative “H1N1 Rap” (a little cheerier, a little funkier, blessedly shorter) to spread the word on preventing the spread of swine flu.

Even though the New York Post calls this rap “catchy and kitschy,” we think it’s more “repetitive (as NYMag points out, “there is a lot of unfortunate rhyming of the word ‘train’ with … the word ‘train.”) and a bit gloomy, with the Metallica-esque chord refrain that reminds us somehow of i-dosing. But we enjoyed the trippy (guitar?) solo that starts at 2:55 — and if this keeps them kids out of the hole, we’re all for it.

Watch for yourself:

LOOK DOWN STEP OVER AND WATCH THE GAP continues to go through our head despite finishing this post 15 minutes ago, so something must be working.