Video Premiere: “Mind Ride” From JEFF The Brotherhood, Who Play the Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday


Quick favor. Let’s all keep this link a secret from Rush Limbaugh, and Michelle Malkin, and all the other bloviating right-wingers our next-door neighbor Roy Edroso rounds up every week. Because what we have here is the premiere of a music video from Nashville’s JEFF the Brotherhood, two sludge-punk siblings whose songwriter dad is good friends with Al Gore. And in the wrong hands, this little music video could be possibly construed as, oh, shall we say, Satan-worshipping? It’s not, but you know how those conservatives frown upon pentagrams and human sacrifice and corpse paint. They might just get the wrong idea.

They shouldn’t, of course. “Mind Ride,” a fantastic three-minute classic-rawk jam from the duo’s 2009 release Heavy Days, is at its most menacing, a soundtrack for campfire swilling and firecracker lighting. But pretty much, it’s just a kick-ass rock song about “time travel and spirituality and pleasure,” according to drummer Jamin Orrall. And so this video the brothers filmed with New York friend and director Lina Plioplyte is something of a late-’80s Headbangers Ball homage, amateur production and all, with the leather-backed brothers stomping around woods, making guitar-hero poses, and setting things on fire. Eventually, Jake uses a guitar neck to sacrifice a busty girl with a pentagram on her forehead, but that’s just rock-and-roll.

Q&A: JEFF the Brotherhood’s Jamin Orrall

Where and when was this video filmed?

It was shot in six hours, a little over a month ago in Jake’s backyard and at some civil war ruins in Nashville. Lina edited it at her place in New York.

What exactly is happening here?

It’s about how Jake and I love heavy stuff and get together with our buddies Steve-O and Dave Dave on the weekend to mess with fire and pretend to be rock gods, then Jessie shows up and we chase her. It’s pretty fun.

This appears to be a homage to Black Metal, late-’80s Headbangers’ Ball, Satan, and lighter fluid. What else?

Hangin’ with your buds and havin’ a good time.

What is burning on those sticks?

Old t-shirts soaked in lighter fluid–instant fun!

How does PBR factor in to a sacrifice to the Devil?

It doesn’t really. Any cold beer will work. Whatever is on sale.

Have your parents seen this? What did they think?

Yes they saw it, I think they liked it!

Who is the woman towards the end of the video?

That’s our friend Jessie. She’s really good at playing pool and making parties fun. She lives in Nashville.

Is she okay?

She’s alive and well, it was just a crank!