A Leaking Well Is Not a Seeping Well, and Other Lessons Learned From the BP Disaster


As we mentioned this morning, there was a “seep” detected in the Gulf of Mexico near the once-leaky well that’s, apparently, back to leaking now, although not quite so much as it was before the cap was put on. This seep may be adding methane to the mix in the Gulf, but in a crazy plot twist, we can’t even blame it on BP! Officials say “it may be occurring naturally.” Unprecedented!

While the seep isn’t related to BP, the leaky cap is, but the government is allowing BP to keep the cap on, and watch, and wait. “We do not believe it is consequential at this time,” retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said.

Why does that sound uncomfortably familiar?

[via AP, New York TImes]