Cupcakes Driving NYC’s Economy; Pot Drinks Get Stonewalled


Cupcakes have gone beyond trendy to become a legitimate driver of the city’s economy. Cupcake cafés like Crumbs Bake Shop and Butter Lane have fueled the labor market in the past year.
[Wall Street Journal]

The city’s most inventive watermelon dishes include Bond St.’s watermelon cucumber gazpacho with cuttlefish and ‘Wichcraft’s fluke ceviche with watermelon.
[NY Post]

Some of the best fried potatoes in town include Five Guys’ spicy cajun fries, Balthazar’s bistro fries with homemade mayo, and Egg’s tater tots.
[NY Post]

The patent office’s new medical marijuana category was short-lived, leaving the makers of psychoactive drinks like Keef Cola and Canna Cola high and dry.
[Wall Street Journal]

Raw milk was recently blamed for sickening 30 people in Colorado, but proponents say the benefits outweigh the potential risks.

In southern Louisiana, it’s not that people are starving, but they are being forced to pay for protein they used to get for free. And instead of fresh fish, it’s “grind meats.”

Anti-poverty campaigners are up in arms following the jump in cocoa prices caused by a London hedge fund buying about 7 percent of the annual global production of beans.