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Elaine Stritch Is Flubbing Her Lines


Octogenarian Broadway legend Elaine Stritch is reportedly messing up lines here and there in A Little Night Music, but hey, that’s what, um, er…line! — uh, that’s what previews are for.

Observers say co-star Bernadette Peters helped her out on a line at one performance, and other nights, the stage manager has been yelling them out from backstage whenever Stritchie loses her way.

I just love the image of a big, burly Teamster screaming out exquisite Sondheim lyrics like, “At the palace of the Duke of Ferrara, I acquired some position, plus a tiny Titian…”

I also love that a friend of mine saw the show Friday night and actually thought the offstage prompting of lines was part of the show!

It’s good news for everyone that naive tourists who have no idea what they’re in for seem to be assuming this call-and-response thing is built into the script.

It’s Ingmar Bergman meets The Rocky Horror Show!