HNH BBQ Pop-Up at Trophy Bar in Williamsburg


The gorgeous brisket sandwich at HNH BBQ pop-up.

When I read in Eater that some ex-Houstonians with connections to the Vietnamese restaurant An Choi were superintending a pop-up barbecue joint in the backyard of Trophy Bar on Broadway in Williamsburg last Thursday evening from 6:30 till 11, I was over there in a flash.

And indeed, in the extensive improved backyard of the dark bar was a bright sunlit space with a counter bearing a well-smoked brisket, plus a few wooden booths to enjoy it in. Brisket sandwiches were $6 and beef-cheese sausages imported from Texas were $5 per sandwich. I got one of each, of course. The brisket was deeply smoke-ringed, smoky as hell, though a tad less fatty than I might have liked it. The cheese-beef link was also great, and both came with sweet raw onions, pickles, and jalapenos. You are allowed to put barbecue sauce on them, too, while the staff looks the other way. A combo platter was offered with one side for $11, with bread rather than on a roll.

I didn’t pay no mind to the sides, because that’s how they do it in Texas. Hope HNH BBQ, as they call themselves, pops up again soon. Check their website.

Part of the HNH BBQ crew, with the smoked brisket.