In the Farmers’ Markets This Week: Peppers


Variegated sweet bell peppers.

Peppers (also known as “chiles” in Spanish) are one of the latest crops to ripen, often taking three months or more to grow. One little-known fact of the culinary world is that all peppers are from the same species, which means that from the sweetest bell peppers to the hottest Scotch bonnets, all peppers are close genetic cousins.

Following are some more peppers seen in the farmers’ markets in the last couple of days, some of them appearing for the first time this season.

Shishito peppers, a Japanese variety.

Fushimi, left; Pepper 52, right.

Poblanos and jalapenos, mixed together.

Heirloom Hungarian yellow peppers.

Pimientos de Padron, a Spanish heirloom variety.