Jersey Shore Cast On Strike: Season 3 Status in Question


The cast of Jersey Shore may be getting a little big for their True Religions. TMZ is reporting that everyone except Snooki and The Situation are on strike just as shooting is supposed to start for Season 3. Ronnie, Vinny, Pauly D, Sammi, and JWoww are all holding out for more money, it seems.

How much does the cast make compared to other reality TV stars? We made up a helpful chart.

Some Reality TV Salaries

As evidenced by the fancy chart (above), the Jersey Shore crew doesn’t make nearly as much compared with some other reality TV stars. The Real Housewives of New York bring in $30K per episode, similar to the Duggars’ (of 18 Kids and Counting) 40 grand. Jon and Kate Gosselin raked in pretty big bucks with a reported $75K per, and apparently Lauren Conrad made $125,000 for each mind-numbing installment of the Hills.

A twist: apparently the Situation is being offered a bonus for Season 2. The amount will range (depending on ratings) between $60K and $180K. Sitch could also be raking in more money ($27,500-$45,000) for a potential Season 4. Maybe there are hard feelings among the other housemates?