Mike Bloomberg Is 2 Percent Party, 98 Percent Other Things


It’s tough to be mayor. Not only does everyone want a piece of you, everyone wants a piece of you at their party. Poor little rich Mayor Mike Bloomberg has had to politely decline 1,918 invitations (in the past two months!) to such snooze fests as the Dalai Lama’s birthday and hanging with J.Lo and that ghastly hubby of hers. Fortunately, Bloomberg employs Shea Fink as “scheduler and senior adviser” to review all invites and tell the appropriate people there is no way, not even when ice freezes over in hell, the mayor will be showing up for their event.

Bloomberg did bless 45 events with his presence in the past couple months, especially those to which his presence was requested by children (arrange an adorable tot for your next soiree if you’d like Mike there; he vastly prefers them to oldsters celebrating centennial birthdays, despite what you might think).

The sad thing is, it’s not like people actually want him there for him — they invite him because they want things from him, like better streets or more bike lanes or whatever, which is so uncool, people. Meanwhile, Shea Fink kinda wishes she could clone the mayor so he could attend everything: “I wish I had two or three mayors to run around,” she says. That would be fun to watch.

[via New York Post]