Morning Links: Seep Detected Near BP Well; MTA May Cut Off-Peak Discounts; 2010 Is Hottest June on Record


• BP said Sunday that the well was holding up through testing, but late last night, the government ordered BP to step up monitoring after detecting “undetermined anomalies” on the seafloor nearby and a seep at a distance from the well. Those two things could indicate that the well is damaged and may have to be opened again soon. [NYT]

• The Washington Post has released part one in their two-year investigation into “the top-secret world” of national security the government has created in response to 9/11: “After nine years of unprecedented spending and growth, the result is that the system put in place to keep the United States safe is so massive that its effectiveness is impossible to determine,” they report. [WP]

• The MTA is considering eliminating off-peak discounts on the LIRR. [NBC]

• Jason Green, an EMT worker who allegedly refused to help a dying pregnant woman last year when he was off-duty in an Au Bon Pain, was shot Sunday morning outside of the Greenhouse club at the corner of Vandam and Hudson Streets in Soho. [NY1]

• Substitute teachers may be eliminated in Staten Island schools due to budget cuts. [SILive]

• Two teens drowned in the Bronx River at River Park this weekend. [NYDN]

• There’s a high risk of rip currents today on Atlantic-facing beaches. And it’s hot. Again. Last month, by the way, was the warmest June on record. [NWS] [CNN]

• Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston want their own reality show. TV execs are not so sure. [NYP]