Playground for Elderly May Open on Upper East Side


There must really be something to the expression “second childhood.” Apparently, the Parks Department might set aside a section of the Upper East Side’s John Jay Park especially for seniors. Sounds crazy fun! Also, this seems like pretty indisputable proof that New York City does love old people, and also that Benjamin Button may know more than he let on in that movie.

The idea came from Community Board 8 member Peggy Price, who saw similar elderly playgrounds on a trip to Shanghai, full of people playing mahjong and whatnot. Our Town quotes Price: “It was just a pretty verdant respite.”

But what differentiates a senior citizens’ park from a…regular park? What do seniors want? Let’s go inside our grandparents’ heads for a moment.

Old People Playground Necessities

  • Shuffleboard, of course.
  • Scotch. (If you’re my grandpa).
  • Um…chess or something?
  • An area for crocheting/knitting.
  • “Worrying Corner,” where people’s grandmothers can go kvetch.
  • Bread crumbs to feed pigeons with.
  • Mahjong, mahjong, and more mahjong!

The new playground isn’t set in stone yet, but the Parks Department has already set aside money for it, to the tune of $250,000. We’ll be sure to send someone who’s of age to go check it out for you (Foster? Jen?).