The New Trader Joe’s in Chelsea Is Fabulous


I passed by a brightly lit, enormous Trader Joe’s in Chelsea yesterday, so I ambled in and almost plotzed when I saw the prices.

A lot of them were comparable to those at my beloved 99-cent stores!

Bananas are only 19 cents each.

A bag of “the works” bagels was a mere $2.29.

So was a jar of delish organic grape jelly.

A package of “pennette” pasta was a buck.

And for those who like Joe’s for the hoity-toitier items, a can of smoked herring fillets in canola oil and juices went for $1.99.

Bring on the recession!

Even better, there weren’t long lines like at the 14th Street branch, so you could pretty much scoop up your cheapo items, then run right home to devour them like a truffle pig.

But poignantly enough, as I left, I realized this space used to be the giant Barnes & Noble where stacks and stacks of books were for sale and people like me gave talks and readings.

I guess the public wants pecorino cheese instead of literature these days.