Another Lindsay Lawyer Can’t Take It Anymore


Defending O.J. Simpson and getting a brutal killer of two people off the hook while using the real pain of oppressed African-Americans through the years to save the psychotic athlete’s pampered ass was absolutely peachy for Robert Shapiro.

Being part of O.J.’s nightmarish “Dream Team” was a delightful day in the park — a picnic lunch with a poisoned cherry on top, and he had no problem with it whatsoever.

But work for Lindsay Lohan?


Shapiro just dumped the poor girl amid LiLo’s cries that he used her for publicity.

And now he’s getting press for being a big-time wuss.

This isn’t good for the bedraggled pop tart.

Now her former lawyer — the one who bailed before Shapiro — has jumped back aboard, I guess because Lindsay’s gone through every other possible attorney short of calling 1-800-SHYSTER.

Can I see some sympathy, people?