Beach Fossils Footage from that Fateful Pitchfork Office Party Has Surfaced


Remember that Pitchfork office party last month we told you about so dutifully. No? The one with a girl nicknamed Meatball? The one Beach Fossils played a few weeks before John Pena tossed his bass in the East River? The one Pitchfork Reviews Reviews documented so precisely (“a hush fell over the room when ryan schreiber made his grand entrance, he stood eight feet tall and was trailed by three interns hoisting boomboxes over their heads that were playing Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio, and also two interns carrying smoke machines”) before getting New York Times shine? Oh, now you remember.

Well, the footage from that fateful night has finally surfaced on In a segment (series?) called RSVP, there’re two edited videos of Beach Fossils performing live (before their guitarist quit). But the real money shot is in the title segment for “Golden Age,” which captures the Pitchfork office in all its work-week, pre-party splendor, complete with Ryan “Wildman” Dombal focus. Bonus: a Bushmill’s pre-roll in which Fool’s Gold guys draw on bar napkins and laugh.

Beach Fossils on RSVP, “Golden Age”

Beach Fossils on RSVP, “Vacation”