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Broadway Benefit Brings out the Talent


I’d do anything to bring jazz hands to South Africa, so I supported a benefit for “Broadway in South Africa,” where a dollar out of every six-dollar drink went to that organization.

Alas, I don’t drink, and I got free beverage tickets anyway, but just being there, I felt, was terribly supportive, no?

The Vig27 event turned out to double as a birthday bash for Marti Gould Cummings, a young theater type who wears a spangly dress and eye makeup, looking like the love child of Liza Minnelli and Johnny Weir.

In the entertainment portion of the evening, he sang an angry version of “My Favorite Things” that was rather original, especially as he spat out his love for whiskers on kittens.

All sorts of other talented performers took the stage to belt showtunes, folk songs, and even an acoustic medley of Lady Gaga hits.

Cummings ended up thanking the sperm of his father “for ripping through the condom and creating me.”

I’m sure he was born tapping.

Now, start dancing, Johannesburg!

Photos: Derek Storm/Splash News