Dish No. 96: Bun Bo Hue From Thanh Da


Welcome to 100 Dishes to Eat Now, Fork in the Road’s handy list of some of our favorite dishes — old standbys and new finds alike — compiled daily.

Today’s pick: Bun bo Hue soup ($6.25) from Thanh Da.

New York isn’t exactly known for its Vietnamese food, but Thanh Da is an exception that proves the rule. The restaurant makes a wonderful rendition of the spiced beef noodle soup from the central Vietnamese city of Hue.

The brick-red beef broth tastes of long simmering, deep and dark, spiked with chiles, lemongrass, and shrimp paste, which adds an elusive salty savoriness. It swims with great hunks of braised beef and slithery rice vermicelli, along with scallions and cilantro. Vietnamese basil and a squeeze of lime add fresh high notes. It’s a delicious soup, an honest broth, a feast for the cost of two Starbucks drinks.

Thanh Da
6008 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn

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