Download: Fat Joe’s Guru Tribute, “I’m Gone”


Yes, for hip-hop enthusiasts, primarily it’s Rick Ross Day, his new Teflon Don unleashed upon the world and primed to polarize the masses. (For! Against!) But take a moment to peruse “I’m Gone,” the newly leaked and eerily beautiful closer off next week’s rap-world polarizer (on a way smaller scale, but still), Fat Joe’s The Darkside Vol. 1, produced by DJ Premier and cut soon after Guru’s death: “Gangster? Fuck that, I’m Gang Starr/Tell Nas hip-hop’s dead now/My man’s gone.” Feel free to tune it out when Joe starts ranting about winning talent shows at the Apollo and wearing “medallions down to my dick.” Usually he’s way more engrossing, honest: If you need a primer, looks like these are still available. [Per Rap Radar]