Gawker Currently Under Successful Attack by 4chan


After yesterday’s 4chan attack on Gawker didn’t prove to do too much damage (following a memo sent out to the company regarding it), It looks like the scorecard for Round 2 of the Gawker Media vs. 4Chan fight goes to 4Chan, as Gawker is currently not loading. Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio notes:


A speed test clocks Gawker’s current loading time at 9.28 seconds with an Average Speed per KB of 28.98 seconds.

By comparison, Runnin’ Scared’s current loading time stands at 1.09 seconds with an average speed per KB of 0 seconds, which is bested, of course, by 4Chan, which has an average loading time of 1.15 seconds with an average speed per KB of 0.03 seconds. Or as someone else astutely summarized it:

Basically, yes. But still! Computer war!

Update: A.J. has written an astute Deadspin post you may or may not be able to read noting the current circumstance entitled WE ARE UNDER ATTACK BY DEVILS:

Hence, the prolonged wheel-spinning you may be experiencing. From Gawker Quality Assurance: “It appears that we are under attack again, and are seeing major problems as a result.” Just be patient or FUCKING PRAY QUIETLY BEFORE THEY MAKE YOUR EYES BLEED.