Hanco’s vs. Henry’s: Park Slope Banh Mi Wars on This American Life


You may recall last summer’s Park Slope banh mi feud: Hanco’s opened on Seventh Avenue, and soon a couple of his employees broke off to open Henry’s, a banh mi shop just blocks away, complete with an identical menu. Then Henry, of Henry’s, left that place to open yet another identical spot down on Fifth Avenue, a scant half-mile away. (In our taste test between Hanco’s and Henry’s banh mi, Henry’s won, but barely.)

Well, a recent This American Life segment gets to the bottom of the rivalry, delving into the story as only This American Life does. Ira Glass really wanted to know why the owners of Henry’s thought it was just fine to copy their employer’s menu — and the whole thing gets curiouser and curiouser. Listen to the segment here.

[Via Eater]