Kooky Brooklyners Finally Discard Christmas Tree in July


Check your calendars, kids. Yep, it’s July 20. And as you can see in this photo sent in by a tipster, someone out there in Brooklyn has decided it’s finally time to chuck their old — but still decorated, and probably fake, else it wouldn’t be so verdantly green and impossibly fluffy seven months in — Xmas tree. Close-up after the jump.

This photo, which was taken yesterday, beats our last known New York City disposal of a Christmas tree, in April of this year, by three months, and the previous year’s record by four!

In fact, at this point, this may be not only the latest Christmas tree discarded ever, but also/and/or the earliest Christmas tree discarded ever, since we’re but five months away from Santa’s big day. (We are withholding our Christmas in July joke so as to have been a good girl this year.)

If this is your tree, please get in touch. We want to hear what made you finally part with it. Bed bugs?