For those of us who aren’t art aficionados, the city’s art scene can be difficult to navigate. Case in point: the Lower East Side, which is quickly becoming one of NYC’s busiest gallery districts. With practically a dozen galleries per block, it’s hard to decide which ones are worth your time—and that’s where Artlog, a popular art website, comes in. Their ‘Collect’ Artcrawl events are meant to introduce guests to up-and-coming art neighborhoods, and whether you’re a collector or simply a big fan, you’ll enjoy visits to the cream of the L.E.S crop. Last year, 1,700 people joined this art crawl, which covers more than 20 galleries, featuring contemporary, experimental, and modern art. You can start your trek at the New Museum, where, on top of free admission, you’ll receive 10 percent off in the store. Be sure to check out Rivane Neuenschwander’s mind-fuck of an installation, “The Conversation,” which features hidden microphones (so mind your P’s and Q’s). After all the stimulation, head to the after-party at Gallery Bar or Panda Bar for some mindless drinking . . . ahem, thoughtful reflection.

Thu., July 22, 6:30 p.m., 2010