Morning Links: BP Considers “Static Kill”; BP Protest Tees Hit LES


• BP is considering a new method of closing off the well, by pumping heavy drilling fluid into the top, sort of like the “top kill” procedure that failed in May. It’s called, of course, a “static kill” (who comes up with these names?) and could fix the well faster than relief wells…but has a greater chance of failing. BP says they will drill relief wells either way. [WSJ]

• You can buy anti-BP T-shirts from Lower East Side street vendors now. [Bowery Boogie]

• The New York rental market is pretty much back to normal: Rents are up, concessions are down, and inventory is almost nil. And if you’re buying, the “average apartment” will run you a million bucks. (Signs the recession is over?) [The Apple, NYT]

• The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court today. [CNN]

• Carte Goodwin, Robert Byrd’s successor in the Senate, will be sworn in today, putting Democrats in the position to finally push through extended unemployment benefits for millions of Americans. (Signs the recession is not over.) [NYT]

• High levels of West Nile have been detected in several areas of New York City this week. There are no human cases as of yet, but the Health Department will be spraying to control mosquito populations in Queens and Staten Island today and on Thursday in the Bronx. [NYC]

• It was not karma, but a dispute over a parking spot, that led to Sunday’s shooting death of Jason Green (the EMT who wouldn’t help a dying pregnant woman at Au Bon Pain last year). Or maybe that’s karma after all. [NY1]

• Adorable Animal Not in Trouble: Researchers have discovered a Horton Plains slender loris, a rare eight-inch-long primate that’s only been seen four times and was thought to have become extinct. They took its picture, and it’s cute. [NYP]