My Movie Club Made It to the Eventi Hotel


My long-running movie club hit the St. Regis Hotel not long ago, and to keep the magic going, we brought our act to the sparkly new Eventi the other night.

It’s a gala world tour of hotels, all in Manhattan!

The backstory is that at the opening of the Chelsea boutique hotel (on 30th Street and Sixth Avenue), the gift bag included a coupon for a free night’s stay there.

When I called to redeem it and told them it would be great if my club watched a movie in the room, they offered me the place’s sumptuous fifth-floor screening room!

Not only that — they asked me what movie we were going to watch because they could dream up an appropriate theme menu of snacks.

The film was Dead Ringer, the 1964 thriller with Bette Davis as twins who both swivel their arms and pop their eyes, so double servings of ham might have been a delicious idea.

Even more sensibly, they came up with “LGBT” sandwiches consisting of lettuce, guacamole, bacon, and tomato.

Also, white cheddar and spiced popcorn; warm, soft pretzels; and a “Dead Ringer” cocktail made with whiskey, muddled oranges, agave nectar, sweet vermouth, and maraschino cherries.

I had it virgin-style. I have everything virgin-style.

Anyway, in the photos, Angelo Pitillo, Mickey Boardman, me, Lynn Yaeger, Lee Kimble, Michael Ellis, Mark Holgate, Will Brantley, and our servers pop our eyes at all the lowbrow fun in a highbrow setting.

Next stop on the tour? Back to my apartment! Waa.

Photos by Angelo Pitillo, Mickey Boardman, and the staff.