New “Safe for Work” Playboy Site Not Really So Safe for Work


Like the good Mr. Rogers of promiscuity that he is, Hugh Hefner has done us all a service and created a new sexy website,, which is supposedly safe to view at work (if you can conceal your excitement under your desk). We don’t know what kind of office Hugh is referring to, but we’re not sure these images would fly in any professional setting where researching sexy pics is not sort of your job. So! We put all of the racy albeit nipple-covered images in a blog post for you to scour in cultural/journalistic inquiry. Beware: It’s probably NSFW after the jump!

Take this still from a video called “Checking in With Kathleen Edge.” The short lasts 1:26, so you might be able to sneak a peak before someone walks by. Still, it’s probably not appropriate if you’re looking to stand out as a well-regarded employee who holds high respect for all women.

That’s not all. There is an entire photo gallery of the 1983 Playmate Playoffs clad in string bikinis. But you can just tell your boss it’s “informational” because tits looked different 27 years ago.

And, finally, there’s this killer: “How to Get Laid at Work.” Your co-worker/boss/intern will feel happily objectified when she stumbles upon you and your all-too-helpful reading material.

Aside from not being so suitable for a work environment, if you’ve got the time and leisure to be viewing the stuff on The Smoking Jacket at work, you should probably just go ahead and hit up a real porn site. Now, close this window before your boss comes back.