Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra are pretty much the tightest and hardest-working band in New York right now—take that, ?uestlove!—since more than a few of their members have been playing, like, every single night as the backing band for the unstoppable Broadway smash Fela! You know the story by now: 12-member, 12-year-running crew keeping the Afrobeat flame alive in a way that’s reverent but never retro, ultimately emerging as New York’s best party band this side of the Dap-Tones. This show is to promote the inexplicable (but not exactly unwanted) special-edition reissue of their best album, 2004’s Who Is This America?, an album whose fiery, unforgettable title track was pretty much the only song on our post-9/11 protest song CD-R. What better place to re-evaluate your national identity than former harbor fort Castle Clinton—a futhermucking national monument that the Park Service website gleefully brags was, “built to keep people out; now welcomes millions in.” Part of the River to River Festival.

Thu., July 22, 7 p.m., 2010