Let she who is not embarrassed by her late-’90s behavior cast the first stone. Right, then. Some of us will never outgrow the shame of siphoning into Contempo Casuals flared jeans and semi-ironically killing our Tamagotchi digital pets (responsibility is hard), but Swedish dance-pop star Robyn, of stateside debut Robyn is Here and its ubiquitous single “Show Me Love,” has successfully shed her one-hit wonder status of the era. Now that she’s recording on her own indie label, Konichiwa Records, her smart, clubby, disco-meets-trip-hop vibe is a swaggering upgrade; this year’s Body Talk trilogy of albums ain’t for the Britney set, unless they’re suddenly OK with this gorgeous oddball purring like Kylie Minogue on uppers through the delicate track “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do.” All on her own, Robyn’s offering some of the best dance music on the scene; show her love. With Kelis, Dan Black, and Far East Movement.

Wed., July 28, 7 p.m., 2010