Robyn Roundup: Letterman Video, New Song, And A Show Next Week At P.C. Richard & Son Theater


Critics have been trying to make perpetually-on-the-verge Swedish pop star Robyn happen like they’ve tried to make few other artists happen in the past, oh, decade or so. “Dancing on My Own,” the infectiously melancholy highlight of her new Body Talk Pt. 1, is the tune that finally roped me in. Last night she brought it to David Letterman, and she didn’t even need an army of clones and Martin Rev to get over:

Meanwhile, Body Talk Pt. 2 is slated for September; here we have a sample in the person of “Hang With Me,” a fully fleshed-out reworking of the Pt. 1 acoustic yearner. And finally, if this all sounds like stuff you’d like to experience in person, she’s doing a free-ish, secret-ish show next Thursday, July 29, at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater. Try and worm your way in here. There’s still room on the bandwagon, evidently.