SoupMan Relaunches With Souped-Up Publicity


Real-life SoupMan Al Yeganeh, on whom the Seinfeld Soup Nazi was based, reportedly hated the parody of him, to the point of banning Jerry Seinfeld from his store. But apparently his publicist didn’t get the message. The press releases have been rolling in for the past few weeks proclaiming “Soup for You!” and touting the Seinfeld reference.

And while Yeganeh wasn’t scheduled to be at the grand reopening of the Original SoupMan, Reggie Jackson was, along with chef Dan Rubano, who was slated to “slash the ribbon using a celebratory chef’s knife to open the store.”

Sure, Yeganeh capitalized from his TV portrayal, however reluctantly so, but this is some ballyhoo. Now Eater reports that a DJ was spinning at the event and a crowd of tourists formed outside. Come on, Al, say it ain’t so.