Bouquet Bandit Arrested; NYC Women Continue to Seek Man Who Will Bring Them Flowers


Shed a tear, ladies…the suspect who robbed two banks with a chivalry heretofore unknown in this town (bringing a potted plant, and then a bouquet of flowers, to his “financial endeavors”) has been nabbed by the cops.

ABC reports the alleged bank robber is 44-year-old Edward Pemberton, a/k/a John Lowe (never date a guy with an alias). He was arrested this morning after police tracked him down through his bouquet — turns out he’s a workaholic just like the rest of ’em!: “He performed odd jobs for florists in Chelsea, and detectives canvassing the Flower District were able to track him to his home in Brooklyn.”

Also, we wouldn’t really say he’s “good on paper”: He was just released from jail for fare beating on July 15, and has 14 prior arrests for criminal possession of a controlled substance and robbery. If he is indeed the guilty party in the latest bank robbery offenses, he’ll be pretty much off the market for a while.

Still, distance does have an impact on the heart’s fondness levels, and, hey, a guy who will bring you flowers? That’s something.