Curry Kitchen, New on 8th Street


If you should happen to get denied at the door of Rabbit in the Moon, the new bizarre “gastropub” with a bouncer, you could go right across the street to check out a new Indian restaurant called Curry Kitchen, which has been open for three weeks.

The menu skews Northern Indian — paneer tikka, rogan josh, channa masala — with some slightly less common stuff like Mumbai-style potato patties, goan fish curry, and an Indo-Chinese-leaning chicken chilli.

There are some entertaining notes on the menu; kachoris are listed as “hard to describe, but recommended.” They’re actually small fritters with a savory pastry shell filled with a spiced mixture or lentils or peas, sometimes served doused in yogurt and chutney. Poori is described as “the fluppy one,” which is now officially my favorite way to think about the puffed bread.

Curry Kitchen
40 West 8th Street