Esquire Offers Dining Etiquette for Dudes Gentlemen


As if having their own cupcakes, magazines, and fast-food decor weren’t enough, men also now get their very own etiquette guide, courtesy of Esquire critic and Bourdain BFF John Mariani.

Taking a few prim pages from Florence Fabricant, Mariani offers up such commandments as “A gentleman takes his mother out to dinner at least four times a year,” “A gentleman never applauds when the chef comes out” (are high-fives OK?), and “A gentleman never overtips.”

Some of these 39 rules make sense — far be it from a real gentleman (or anybody else) to bribe the maitre d’ or snap his fingers to get the waiter’s attention. But what kind of gentleman never drinks beer from a bottle at a restaurant? And what’s so un-gentlemanly about drinking water with a lemon or lime slice floating in it, or dancing at Greek restaurants? Since when did “gentleman” become a euphemism for “uptight prude”?

[Via The Food Section]