Have You Seen Sammy? Search for Missing Pomeranian Continues in East Village


Often, we alert you to missing people. But today, we have a missing dog. And since we’re suckers for an adorable animal in trouble, we can’t help but bring this one to your attention. Maybe you’ve seen Sammy, a Pomeranian (those are the tiny, fluffy ones that always look like they’re smiling), or signs of Sammy, around the East Village or elsewhere throughout the city? His owner would like him back. We can’t blame her.

EV Grieve reports that Sammy’s owner and sister have been plastering New York with signs, with new notices daily, in various languages (including Chinese) in a mass effort to get Sammy back. They’re also offering a $500 reward. Sammy’s owner says the dog was stolen and that she’s received reports of a young guy going around attempting to sell a dog that looks like Sammy. The reported sightings have been mostly in the East Village.

According to the Help Find Sammy site, which has info as well as photos and video of the Pomeranian:

• Sammy knows his name, and answers to it

• He is three years old

• He is cream-/sandy-colored

• He currently has a buzz cut (but it may be growing out)

• He is an unaltered male

• He was last seen on 21st Street and Second Avenue at 11:39 a.m.

• He has a blue leash, and a green collar. His dog tag is a blue DOG-BONE
that says SAMMY and the owner’s ADDRESS

• He weighs roughly three pounds

Awww. If you know anything about Sammy, please call 646-339-4299. And if you took Sammy, you are a bad, bad person. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? Karma, man. It’ll get you.